Please follow the doctor's appointment at the time of your appointment:
If you need to change the time of the referral, or if you have any questions, you need to call 15398032510, and cooperate with the medical registration to change the appointment time.

Wearing method:

  • ETA early correction of the wearing appliance is relatively soft, the child wears in the mouth, the upper and lower teeth bite the appliance, the upper and lower lips close.
  • For special requirements, follow the doctor's advice with lip-adhesive therapy.


  • Do not speak during wearing.
  • Do not force the gums to bite.
  • Put it in the appliance box after wearing it to prevent pets from biting.
  • Braces are not allowed to be discarded at will. After disposing, you should contact the attending doctor as soon as possible and re-customize (additional cost).

Wearing time:

  • Wear 6-8 times during the day, 5-15 minutes each time. The total wearing time during the day is 2 hours.
  • Sleep at night and wear it.

Review time

Follow the doctor's advice in time for a follow-up visit, usually from January to February.

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