Please follow the doctor's appointment at the time of your appointment:
If you need to change the time of the referral, or if you have any questions, you need to call 15398032510, and cooperate with the medical registration to change the appointment time.

Mucosal irritation

  • As the tooth is moved, the end of the ligation wire or wire sometimes irritates the surrounding oral mucosa and creates an ulcer. The affected area can be sprayed with watermelon cream or the orthodontic protective wax can be applied to the bracket of the stimulation site, temporarily protected on the archwire, and promptly reserved for hospital treatment.
  • If the bracket is loose, it will usually hang on the archwire and contact us by phone or WeChat as soon as possible.

Diet Taboo

  • Avoid eating hard things (such as fried broad beans, casserole, beef jerky, and stick ice).
  • Over-stick foods (such as chewing gum, rice cakes) should be avoided.
  • Avoid food with bones and hard-shelled foods such as chicken legs, ribs, and crabs.
  • Food with a core (such as plum, candied fruit, peach) should be avoided.
  • Fruits with a core (such as apples, pears, peaches, etc.) should be cut into pieces.
  • Don't bite candy or chocolate.
  • The ligature ring outside the ceramic bracket is easy to dye and do not drink colored drinks. Do not drink carbonated drinks during treatment.

About brushing your teeth

  • Keep your mouth clean and brush your teeth after each meal. It is recommended to use a toothbrush with a small brush head, a slender, flexible hairbrush, or a professional orthodontic toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. The method of brushing teeth is a horizontal and vertical alternating method, a circular method, especially the edge of the gum, the gap between the teeth and the bracket.
  • Please brush your teeth carefully for treatment before each visit.
  • Brushing your teeth is important for orthodontic treatment, otherwise the teeth will be damaged or demineralized during or after orthodontic treatment.
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