The transparent film holder is beautiful and comfortable, but it is easy to break the tear when used improperly. Master the correct use method for to extend the life of the holder

Please follow the doctor's appointment at the time of your appointment:
If you need to change the time of the referral, or if you have any questions, you need to call 15398032510, and cooperate with the medical registration to change the appointment time.

Wearing time

Please follow the doctor's instructions for wearing time.

  • First year, wear 24 hours a day, remove when eating, brushing, or drinking colored drinks
  • Second year, nightly wear at night
  • The third year is recommended to wear the night interval three and five

Essix Retainer Wear


  • You can start from the appliance of the upper collar or lower jaw when you wear it. When wearing the appliance, first gently press the appliance to position the anterior teeth, and then use your fingertips to press the position in the bilateral molars (rear teeth).
  • Be sure to remove the holder when eating and drinking colored drinks

Essix Retainer Pick up


  1. Slowly dislodge the retainer from the tooth with your fingertips from the terminal molar on one side


  1. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side until it is completely dislocated.


  1. When the retainer in the mouth is dislocated on both sides of the molars, your fingertips should be slowly displaced forward to gently remove the retainer from the teeth.

Preventing loss

Transparent film holder is invisible and transparent

  • Take it off with a tissue when you take it out, and discard it as garbage.
  • Soaked in a normal cup and thrown away (soaked in clean water is hard to detect)

Be sure to store the holder in a special box to avoid loss. If the holder is lost or damaged, please contact the doctor to make the holder again.

Daily maintenance and maintenance instructions

  1. Clean before each wear. It can be cleaned under a clean water with a soft toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste can be applied. The cleaning of the outer surface of the appliance can be done while wearing it in the mouth. It is easy to brush and the inner side can be removed and cleaned.

Note: Be sure to rinse thoroughly after each appliance is cleaned.

  1. Do not use dentures to clean the product or soak in mouthwash to clean the appliance. Such products can damage the surface of the appliance, the appliance will be rough and the color will be deeper and affect the appearance.
  2. The holder should not be autoclaved to prevent deformation
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